Cladding Timber

Wood fencing and a building with wood cladding, in front of a building with enormous windows
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Timber cladding and weatherboarding

When most people think about cladding and protecting their homes from the weather, they think of UPVC. Timber cladding is an environmentally-friendly alternative, being biodegradable, and is often much better looking.
If you're looking to add cladding to your home or properties you're building, consider using wood. Cost effective and attractive, wooden cladding will make for a more memorable building.
Wooden walls and floorboards

Waney edged cladding

The waney edge cut is usually chosen for its aesthetics. One edge of the plank is determined by the outside edge of the tree, meaning that it often shows the bark lining and invariably has a naturalistic "wavy" pattern. It's an easy way to create a rustic look whilst protecting your house from the weather.

Feather edge cladding

This cut is ideal for drainage. Cut with square edges, it's easy to assemble and smart to look at it, whilst fitting together in a way that consistently channels water away from the building.
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