Construction Timber

A wooden barn-roof skeleton
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Building with wood

A good insulator and an environmentally-friendly construction material, wood is still widely used in everything from building homes to large-scale civil engineering. At A. Hingley & Son (Timber) Ltd, we'll always provide you with exactly what you need, making sure your construction will be of the highest quality.
You can choose from a wide range of timbers and give us your exact specifications, no matter how unusual they may be. We work to your needs and will go out of our way to make sure that your requirements are catered for.
The beams of a wooden roof structure

Construction timbers

Timber can be used for a wide variety of construction projects. Buildings can be made partially or entirely out of wood; it's both flexible and sturdy, making it very unlikely to crack or break under strain. Often lighter than brick or other construction materials, wood can be used to easily create vast roof spaces - and it looks great, too.

Restoration timbers

Restoring an old building? Chances are, you're going to need timber. Many old buildings are timber-framed and for an authentic restoration, it's important not to replace the wood with some other building material. Maintaining the timber structure may also be essential for preserving the structural integrity of the building.
An empty railway coursing through heathland

Railway sleepers

Reclaimed wooden railway sleepers have become a popular feature in building and landscaping. We supply brand new treated railway sleeper style timber, which easily fits together in a variety of constructions due to their symmetrical style. We also sell second-hand softwood and hardwood railway sleepers for a more authentic look. Railway sleeper timber is perfect for summer house and shed bases.
A digger in sunset

Timber mats

Need to use heavy machinery on boggy ground? A simple solution to this problem is to use timber mats. These are temporary, so you don't have to lay concrete flooring that'll damage the ground, and they're cheaper too. They can be made up to 300mm thick, forming drilling platforms, ramps and crane platforms.
Logs on a lorry on the road

Access roads

Timber mats and other timber products can be used to create temporary access roads to your construction area. This is ideal for areas where you might not want to lay a concrete road (for example, on a nature reserve) and prefer something that will not cause too much damage to the ground under foot.
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