Fencing, Gates and Posts

Palisade fencing
Mark out your land with attractive, sturdy fencing. For great fencing timber, call us today on 01773 55 00 55

Stake your claim with wooden fencing

Wood fencing can come in many different styles, so whether your garden is a traditional or modern affair, we have something on offer for you. Wooden fencing is also great for commercial or council grounds, providing a softer, friendlier outlook than metal fences or brick walls.
As always, our fencing timber is cut precisely to your order. Whatever you need, for projects big or small, we will provide.
Post and rail fencing

Close boarded fencing

Close boarded fencing is one of the many types of fencing we sell to our customers. It's one of the most popular, too, as it's the most common way of dividing up domestic land. Coming in many styles and types of wood, this type of fence provides strength and privacy.

Post and rail fencing

This is the popular choice for marking out outdoor spaces such as fields and paddocks. We can supply round or straight-edged posts for more utilitarian purposes, but for a more rustic, endearing style, we can also supply waney-edged rails. These follow the natural line of the tree, creating an appealing wave effect.
A wooden kissing-gate on a hillside

Morticed posts

Post and rail fences can be fixed with nails, but for extra stability, you may prefer morticed fencing. In such cases, the rail fits into a slot in the post. It's harder for the post and rail to come apart this way, giving you increased durability. Our morticed posts can be tailor-made to accommodate your chosen rail spacing.
Broad wooden gates set into stone pillars


We stock, build and supply a full range of wooden gates. Need a way in to a livestock field through a post and rail fence? Or how about a grand entrance gate for the house you've just built? We can supply wood for gates and the gate posts too, and we can even produce galvanised ironwork.
Sunlight through a forest


We can supply wood bollards, great for marking off pedestrian areas and car parks, especially in parkland. They come treated or untreated and can be weathered-topped or grooved. We'll produce them to any design, so if you feel you have an unusual request, we'll take it on gladly.
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