Logs burning in a stove set into a brick wall
Stay warm for less. To get firewood at bargain prices, call us today on 01773 55 00 55


Our wood offcuts are perfect for use in responsible outdoor and indoor fires. Want to generate energy or heat without relying on fossil fuels? Looking for fuel for your wood burning stove? Or perhaps you simply want to have a bonfire? Whatever your reason, if you want firewood, we're the best people to ask.
Unburnt wood in a fireplace

Safe for indoor use

Do you have a wood burning stove? You may be concerned that our firewood contains harmful chemicals, which could be released as fumes when the wood is burned. Rest assured, none of our treated timbers are used for firewood. Our firewood is perfectly safe for you and your family.

Supply options

Our firewood is available in tonne bags or 1.2 cubic metre containers. You can collect them from our yard, or we can deliver it direct to you in full or part loads. That way, you can make a bulk purchase even if you don't have much space.
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