Timber Species

Wood planks and a wooden house being built
Want some advice on what wood to order? To benefit from our vast knowledge, call us now on 01773 55 00 55

Supplying a variety of fit-for-purpose timbers

Not sure what type of wood to order? We supply a good range of timber, from which you'll be able to pick exactly what you need. We can offer you experienced advice if you're confused, though the breakdown below may give you some idea of what kind of wood is right for your project.
If you already have a type of wood in mind and it's not on this list, that doesn't mean you have to go elsewhere. Just tell us what you want and we'll go out of our way to source it for you. We'll also make sure it has been felled responsibly and meets the high standards of quality we always provide.
A forested valley

Fresh oak sawn from the log

We supply constructional timbers and beams for timber framing in new builds and restorations. They can be used in the manufacture of lock gates and other structural applications, such as sea defence and dock work.

We supply fencing posts and rails, morticed and nailed, in oak, cleft oak and chestnut. We also supply close-boarded fencing using arris rails and feather-edged boards.

Seasoned and air-dried oak:
We have a great stock of 3-5 year air-dried beams and planks. They have the same old look without the shrinkage and movement of fresh sawn oak.

Douglas Fir & larch

Douglas Fir and larch make great construction timbers, often used in buildings and bridges. In heavy and industrial construction, they're used for large members, timber bridges and retaining walls.

These woods are graded to C24, with long lengths and big sections sawn fresh from the log. We cut feather edge and waney edge larch for cladding.

Like oak, they're strong and sturdy, but their different appearances can make a better fit for more aesthetic constructions.
A fence made of pale wood

Mixed softwood

Our mixed softwood is mostly sawn from spruce, Douglas Fir and larch. It comes either tanalised or untreated.

Our stock includes standard carcassing sections from 100x47 to 300x300 in 6m lengths, up to 12m for 300x300. We supply tunnel heading sets and other site timbers, as well as post and rail, morticed and nailed, and close boarded fencing.
A wood-panelled converted attic room

Western Red Cedar

A less expensive substitute to Canadian Cedar, Western Red can be used in construction, fencing and cladding. It can be cut into waney edged boarding, feather edged boarding, or profiled to a specific pattern. A great-looking wood, it'll make your building stand out.
Wood planks on the outside of a building


We typically sell elm for use in construction and renovation projects. Like Western Red Cedar, it can be cut into waney edged cladding and weatherboarding.
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