Timber Supplies

Two piles of timber planks
Need wood? For all your timber supplies throughout the UK, call us today on 01773 55 00 55

Flexible and comprehensive timber supplies

Whether you're a retailer, tradesman or private individual, we have the right timber for your needs. We'll cut and prime the wood to your requirements. Want us to treat your wood to protect it against bad weather? No problem. Untreated wood is also available for low-risk aesthetic projects.
You'll most likely find what you're looking for right here on our website, but remember - if there's something you're not sure we do, it's always worth
it to ask. We don't construct or install, but we can cut any wood to any length, thickness and style. Even if other companies turn you away, you can
rely on us.
Wood planks

Supplying wood for a range of purposes

  • Construction - building backbones and beams, as well as timber mats and railway sleepers
  • Cladding - adding weatherproofing elements to your building
  • Wood flooring for easy cleaning and a chic look
  • Decking and landscaping - containing borders and creating environmentally-friendly alternatives to patios
  • Fencing - timber for fences, gates and posts

What's "tanalised" timber?

When wood has been tanalised, it has had preservative chemicals added to it under high pressure. It's the deepest and most long-lasting of the various wood treatments we offer. The treatment goes right into the cells and fights off fungus and insects, giving you a product that will last up to 30 years outside and 60 inside. That's without any additional treatment at all.

However, as it causes wood discolouration, tanalised timber may not be suitable for all projects.
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