Wood Chip

Cabbages surrounded by wood chip
Create safe, soft-impact surfaces. For cheap wood chip, call us today on 01773 55 00 55

A versatile wood side-product

Looking for wood chip? It's a great product for all kinds of uses, and we can provide mixed hardwood and softwood according to your needs.
Your wood chip can be delivered or collected in bulk loads, saving you time and even more money. We sell to private individuals, local councils, the pulp and paper industry and more.
A pile of wood chip

Soft surface

Wood chip provides an excellent safe surface for children's playgrounds, equestrian centres and anywhere else where falls are likely. Wood chip absorbs the impact of the fall, reducing the likelihood and severity of injury. It's also good for drainage, so your surface is useable whatever the weather.

Weed suppression

If you want to keep back weeds, wood chip is a great way to do it. It prevents sunlight from reaching weed seeds near the top of the soil, stopping them from germinating. Used correctly, with the addition of nitrogen, wood chips can also help to increase the nutrients in the soil, helping your plants to grow better.
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