Environmental Mission

A healthy forest by a lake
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Responsible timber supplies

At A. Hingley & Son (Timber) Ltd, we take the environmental impact of our activities seriously. As timber merchants, it's important to make sure that all our wood is sourced responsibly - otherwise, a once abundant material will become rare, driving up prices and contributing to global warming.
It's our mission to act responsibly at all times to maintain our future wood supplies, and do what we can to protect the planet for future generations.
An autumn wood in front of mountains

Renewable sources

We do our utmost to ensure that our timber is only sourced from renewable sources. Carefully managed forests and the replacement of mature trees with new life ensures that timber remains a sustainable construction material. We are FSC and PEFC Certified and can trace your timber to its precise place of origin.

Everything put to
good use

One of the most important environmental considerations is to reduce waste. We work on this by selling wood offcuts as firewood, and wood chip as a great ground cover material.
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